1 Day & 1 Night-Burdah Tour

This tour will start at 10am in the summer and 9am in the winter. The Burdah mountain hike and overnight camp (3 hour hike climbing)


On arrival you are invited to drink tea with us at Ahmed’s house in the village of Wadi Rum. We will then start the tour by driving by jeep to Jabal Burdah. We will then start our hike to the Burdah rock bridge from the north side. The Burdah rock bridge is the highest rock bridge in Wadi Rum. It is one of the most spectacular sites in Wadi Rum. The climb is not so difficult. In a number of places, you might want to use your hands to scramble up. The most difficult areas are close to the bridge. At the top, you have a fantastic panoramic view of the red desert. After taking some time to enjoy the views we will head back.

Midday BBQ (barbeque)

We drive to a nice, quiet and shady place where we take a few hours break. Here we will prepare a traditional Bedouin barbeque chicken meal for you. After we finish our lunch, there is time to take a rest or walk around to explore the area on your own.

In the afternoon

We start the afternoon with a beautiful drive to Lawrence’s house. After a short stop, we drive to the surprisingly green and narrow Abu Khashaba canyon. You walk through the canyon in about half an hour. We continue our tour to Um Fruth rock bridge. You can climb this bridge and enjoy the views of this part of Wadi Rum desert. Our last stop is Um Sabatah where we watch the sunset.

Overnight stay ‘sleeping under the stars’ (bivouac camping)

We end our day tour at a ‘cave’ to stay overnight where we will cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner. The evening can be spent around the fire and we can share with you our Bedouin culture and music, or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.
The next morning you can wake up to the rising sun. We prepare your breakfast. Afterwards, we pack our things and return to Rum village. We arrive here between 8 and 8.30 AM. From here you can continue your journey. Of course, we can help you to arrange transportation to your next destination.

1 people/ Per Person

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2-3 people /Per Person

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4 people / Per Person

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